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Plasma Structured Water

A New Kind of Structured Water


Place vials or pads of Plasma Water Station next to a large container of water for drinking & other Home and Garden use. In just a few hours the Plasma fields imprint in the water, enhancing its structure and qualities.

Using this potentized water to drink, wash, water plants, or other home uses, we benefit from these Plasmatic fields by absorbing what we need, so greater balance occurs. This is a unique and effective type of structured water.


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What is Plasma?

Plasma tools such as Gans and nano coated copper, direct, concentrate and focus Electro-magnetic Plasmatic fields that flow freely around us, such as in sunlight, blood, and in structured water.
Plasma Energy Solution, PMA has developed many wonderful GANS (plasma) formulas.

Get the benefits of this structured water for better hydration and to take in healthier frequencies.

Their Pendants are excellent for EMF protection. Be sure to use the 15% off CARY coupon when you order.


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Enhance your Home Oasis!!!


 We thank the public online Keshe Knowledge Seekers Workshops for their teachings in the plasma energy field that gave us knowledge of this science. We are not associated in any way with the Keshe Foundation.

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ORGONITE ~ Enhance your life with Home Protection from EMFs!

What is Orgonite?


Orginated by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s, he called the living energy surrounding us Orgone energy - similar to what we call Plasma, which naturally spirals up from the earth. He discovered he could clear disrupted energy and restore health and well being (even with very sick patients) with orgonite or orgone generators. Modernized by Don Croft, people around the world now make Orgonite for home, garden & personal use.

We choose the Artistry of Orgonite properly made, with potential to clean up the surrounding environment, offer protection and well being.

Orgonize Africa is a Leading store for Orgonite, Orgone Zappers and related items since 2002. Orgonise Africa has also been at the forefront of environmental healing - orgone gifting - inspiring many to follow suit. Orgonise Africa has arguably the most complete collection of well crafted orgonite tools for sale and ships reasonably and quickly around the world.

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Stem Cell Activation

Activate your body’s own stem cells.

Experience a new level of vitality with improvement to energy, sleep, reduction in pain, reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and support of faster wound healing, just to name a few of the benefits.

How X39 Lifewave Patches Work

When developing patented formula for Navy SEALS, it was discovered that light we emit reflects off organic crystals in the X39¬ģ patch back into the body, changing the wavelength of the light by ‚Äėphotobiomodulation.‚Äô

This signals the body to increase a copper peptide, proven to activate Stem Cell Activity & reset Stem Cells to a Younger, Healthier state.

Introducing the LifeWave X39 patch.

A historic breakthrough in affordable stem cell activation technology.


Experience a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since youth.

X39 patches Activate Your Own Stem Cells, for these newly active, younger, and healthier Stem Cells, go to work repairing the body.

Explore complementary patches when on Autoship, that also work with X39 Stem Cell patches to further activate and enhance the body's natural flow of well being.

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Root Brands Essential Products for Vitality


Cleanse, Detox, Wellness Support 

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Thundergod Vine & Flawless Defense Plus

Our New Flawless Defense product is a unique blend of the twenty nine (29) natural Botanicals, each carefully selected for their unique capacity to nutritionally address the roots of disease at a foundational level.

This fine highly extracted botanical powder is comprised of (29) twenty-nine all natural, carefully selected herbs that are refined using our renowned water based extraction process. Each herb is extracted at a *powerful 30 to 1 ratio.1 Tripterygium (Thunder God Vine) 2 Artemisia absinthium 30Ôľö3 Mullein 4 Wasabi 5 Oregano 6 Clove 7 Thyme 8 Magnolia 9 Berberin 10 Milk Thistle Extract 11 White Aacrylodes 12 Tangerine Peel 13 Japanese dogwood 14 Weeping Willow 15 Neem 16 Fern 17 Lavendar 18 Horsetail 19 Sweet lime peel 20 Honeysuckle 21 Cabin patchuli 22 Rhizoma Acori Tartinowii' 23 Forsthai 24 Ivy 25 Red Date 26 Radix Saposhnikoviae 27 Giant Bamboo 28 Manjistha 29 Astragalus

Thundergod Vine is also available singly.

Customer support 8:00 Am to 10:00 pm 7 days a week. (740 ) 352-9594

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"The herbs are for the healing of the nations." - Revelation 22:2 

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